Saturday, 12 July 2014

More on waste disposal and climate change

Here's a bit more on climate change and methane from landfill and those rubbish mountains:
I cycled past one of these at Frampton, Glos., UK the other day and dropped in on it to see how the capture of methane generated from all that food and packaging thrown away by the good people of Gloucestershire was getting on.
Bad News.
A site inspector informed me that:

  1. the initial biogas-fired generator which had been installed there had been deemed "too big" for this site and had been re-deployed elsewhere;
  2. that the three parties involved - landowner, dump management, and the power company - could not agree on how to share the revenue from the sale of electricity so generated;
  3. that consequently no smaller replacement unit had been installed, leaving
  4. all the biogas to be flared off so that
  5. one third of a megawatt of power was being used to heat the atmosphere and add yet more carbon dioxide to it.  (Better than methane, admittedly)
Big Biz once again does a bit more for climate change...

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